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A salad can be ANYTHING!

Green leafy vegetables, salad greens, root vegetables, fish, poultry, cheese, nuts, seeds, eggs, cooked ingredients, raw ingredients or a COMBINATION of all with a delicious dressing!

but the best known ingredient is still LETTUCE…

Salads can be used as a STARTER, SIDE dish, MAIN MEAL or even DESSERT

I love salad for lunch and dinner – it makes me feel light, healthy and creative!

For the best salad make it just before serving and make sure that your leaves are WASHED, covered and REFRIGERATED – this makes them fresh and crispy

Whether elaborate or simple, salads should be arranged attractively – nothing better than a pretty salad – and its so EASY!

I like to use edible flowers, seeds, nuts and micro herbs for extra garnish – give it a try! :)

Megan Potgieter

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