looking for a good arm workout to justify your sweet-tooth-cheat-day?

then this is the ONE for YOU :)

you’ll be burning those sugary calories in no time! I like to think of it as the ultimate arm workout, you’ll see why soon…

(don’t worry, you’ll forget all about those stiff arms as soon as you’re done and it’ll be totally worth it!)


Swiss meringue is a COOKED meringue, made by whisking the egg whites and sugar over a low heat – this enables you to cook the egg whites while forming the tiny air bubbles.

…Why is this better?

Simply because if it’s COOKED, you don’t need to refrigerate it,

and if you DO refrigerate it, it won’t get those ugly water droplets all over it (you know the ones i’m talking about, right?)




Meringues are egg whites whisked together with sugar until forming a soft or firm white glossy foam.
It is commonly made by first whisking the egg whites to a soft peak stage and THEN slowly whisking in the sugar (known as french meringue)


Swiss meringue:

Swiss meringue is UN-whipped egg whites COMBINED with sugar that’s whisked together from the START over a warm water bath, and is then whisked and warmed to reach a temperature of 60 degrees C (140 degrees F)





1. Use CLEAN equipment that is GREASE-FREE
2. Make sure that there is NO YOLK in the egg whites
3. Egg whites must be at ROOM TEMPERATURE
4. Do NOT over-whisk
5. A small amount of Cream of tartar or lemon juice can be added to the egg whites before whipping to increase the volume of the meringue




100g Sugar (+-125ml)
100g Egg whites (+-2 medium eggs whites)

Firstly place a pot of water (only filled 1/5th with water), bring it to a simmer over a medium heat, and then turn the heat off

Place the egg whites and sugar in a large bowl, and place it on top of the pot of water, ensuring that it does not touch the water, start whisking by hand
(keep your thermometer close by!)

While whisking (if possible) place your thermometer into the mixture every minute to check the temperature, once it reaches 60 degree C (140 degree F) transfer the meringue mixture to you mixer and then whip until stiff peaks form (if you do not have a mixer, just do it by hand).

use to top a pudding or tart of your choice :)



Stages of whisking:

When we beat egg whites they trap bubbles of air and become foamy, they then form soft peaks and if you continue beating the peaks will become stiffer – however if you over beat it it will become dry and separate into fluffy masses separated from the liquid as the air bubbles break. Here are the different stages:

FOAMY STAGE: this is the first stage that occurs 30 seconds to 1 minute after beating, the mixture will still be runny, with no peaks and still have a yellowy colour with bubbles.
SOFT PEAK STAGE: When you remove your whisk, there will be small peaks that gently flop over, the mixture will be soft and melt back into themselves after a second.
STIFF PEAK STAGE: When you remove your whisk, there will be small peaks that point straight up without collapsing, the mixture will be thick and heavy.

for more on using eggs click HERE



Megan Potgieter

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