My Kitchen Dirt

Everything you need to know

If you’re looking for the “inside info” on how to make amazing food that never flops, you’ve come to the right place!

Like many others out there most of my childhood was spent reading recipe book after recipe book, and after completing my degree in Food science & Nutrition I had a strong desire to share my food knowledge and secrets further than just a recipe.

I hope to give YOU the basic tricks and tools that I never had growing up, and a platform to learn HOW ingredients react together and WHY methods were created, while still having fun!

What’s makes this food blog different to the other million out there?

This is where you get the down-lo, secrets, tricks-of-the-trade, inside scoop (the “DIRT”) on how to make amazing food and find out the latest food trends! From little’ol me and (sometimes) other famous people worth reading about (find out more about this here).

The food tricks and secrets on my blog are forever growing, so if you have any food questions not covered, I’d love to hear from you!

Food Styling

Everything involved in making food look amazing and appetizing when photographed

The Inside Scoop

Interviews based on the featured chef’s recipes and cooking secrets, in their own kitchen

Recipe Development

Creating a recipe from scratch according to specific requirements

Food Fads

Popular flavours that people love for a brief period of time

Product Development

Developing a recipe around packaging, costing, factory capabilities, market trends & all processes involved in getting it to shelf

Food Trends

Popular products, packaging or flavours that people love and that sticks around for a really long time