Meet Megan

The foodie behind the blog

Hello Everyone! I’m Megan, product developer by day, blogger by night.

I’m obsessed with all things crunchy and beautiful and love finding the latest food trends around the world.

On the weekends I like to open my fridge, pop open a bottle of wine, and cook-up new creations with anything that catches my eye, usually (okay…always) making a little bit of a mess.

Seeing that my loving boyfriend fiancé husband is always hungry (and I’d like to prevent myself growing any wider than I am tall) I have transformed him into my own personal guinea pig, so you can definitely trust that all my recipes have been tried and tested!

Don’t worry; I also have a degree in Food Science and Nutrition, so I know a little bit more than usual. Up until recently I was the Product development manager for one of South Africa’s largest retailers, but have decided to take a break and focus on having a little more fun in the kitchen :)

In my ideal world I would travel to a new country each month, shop for seasonal fresh produce at local markets, explore their cuisine and learn their kitchen secrets.

(Just a small warning…I don’t have much of a filter when it comes to saying things the way they are, so bear with me and I’ll uncover the truth)

I hope you enjoy my recipes and stories; my aim is to inspire and encourage you (fellow foodies, young up-and-coming product developers and natural cooks at home) to follow your instincts and experiment with new flavours and textures while teaching you the basic fundamentals of cooking and baking.

Thank you so much for visiting!

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or questions.

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